Have Sugar Hit the Spot with the VG1 Video glasses?

Portable video eye glasses had been round for a couple of years now giving upward thrust to a brand new form of recreation play and use of visual media. It’s handiest this year than the iPod video and MP4 participant marketplace has began to unleash the ability for those types of devices.

Sugar have launched their video eye glass inside the UK – the Sugar VG1. These produce a digital 48″ display in front of your eyes allowing a complete visually immersive experience, at the same time as the built in earphones supply a dynamic sound.

Having connectivity to any video supply is a real bonus: it is easy to flow from using their iPod video to gambling a recreation on their PSP/Xbox/PS2/PS3/WIi then pass onto watching a film from their portable dvd participant or checking video playback from your camcorder, computer and some of the trendy mobile telephones.

The VG1 boasts the most powerful resolution inside the marketplace at 432 x 240 pixels giving a miles better picture in comparison the relaxation that we examined. It also has a built in rubber reflection blocker to remedy the age antique issue of awful reflections cheap browline glasses from sturdy sunlight. Overall we are very impressed with the picture satisfactory.

Another hassle that Sugar has masterfully cracked is getting the tool to in shape to a selection of faces the use of a clever adjustable nostril pad and adjustable angles of the ear rests. The product can also be utilized by optical glasses wearers – that is a relief for a few!

Battery lifestyles lasted 2 films and a recreation consultation which turned into round four hours in overall. Subsequent charging become simple because the unit comes with a constructed in wall charger . This tool additionally comes with one-of-a-kind accessible AV connecting jacks which allows connection to the entirety we should think about.

If you’re questioning where I can select a pair of those up test out the Amazon sales link beneath in addition they have a complete technical specification at the web page as well:

Check out the primary Sugar website for the product specifications:


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